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Feature – Corridor Planning

Infrastructure and construction are the most major segments in our economy. Anything and everything are directly or indirectly dependent on these sectors. 

Highways, big monuments etc. are needed to be maintained and kept a keen watch on in order to avoid any accidents or mishaps. 

Why Corridor Planning? 

Traditional methods are unable to produce high-resolution representations. The environment can be complex with infrastructure such as roads, bridges, etc. This can make mapping difficult. 

Corridor structures such as highways, power lines, bridges, river sides are hard to map manually, resulting in longer hours and higher costs. 

Benefits of Corridor Planning:

Pilot can quickly map corridor and execute mission within minutes. 

Corridor Planning helps to create patterns for the survey of roads, exclusively. Corridor planning is a unique feature that helps find bugs and potholes or any major issues in the selected road. 

Corridor planning helps in major analytics and provides the data in a couple of minutes. This saves time and the task is carried out in less effort. 

Corridor planning is the most useful feature when it comes to big missions or projects. It has a key part in inspection and maintenance of the decided survey.