About the Webinar:

Survey and Mapping with DroneNaksha, Challenges and Solutions

The comprehensive notion of drones in this industry is not utterly new, but the concept of drone implementation has made surveying and mapping much more cost effective. By using drones, surveyors and engineers no longer need to spend several days or weeks walking through the survey area and taking manual measurements. Drones have eliminated the challenges and hurdles of hard-to-reach areas that resulted in risky operations. Not only drones have made surveying job easier but the advancement in technology can produce data and generate models that are more accurate.

DroneNaksha, enables fast processing of drone data, providing fantastic outputs for Visualization and easy sharing methods. It is reliable and comfortable for the new users.

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Topics we will cover:
  • Elimination of Challenges faced during Survey and Mapping Projects
  • Faster Processing, Visualizing and Sharing of Drone Data
  • Optimization of time and cost consumed with increased productivity
  • Q&A Session

About the Speaker

Mr. Anil Chandaliya
Founder and CEO
Mr. Chandaliya has pursued computer engineering and holds vast experience in the field of computer networking, network securities, data center design, operations, cloud architecture, cloud operations management, enterprise cloud solution architecture and many more important areas.

He started his journey by working for multiple National and International Companies and has led various verticals in his professional carrier. Only after gaining immense experience in this sector, Mr. Anil Chandaliya decided to establish PDRL.

PDRL (Passenger Drone Research Private Limited) has been founded in 2019, with the aim of flourishing and taking Drone Industry to Global level, Mr. Chandaliya and Team are constantly working towards fulfilling needs and trends of the Market. Growing towards the higher areas like Defence and other entities PDRL is getting into many imperative segments.