PicStork helps you automate seamless aerial image analytics process, right from capturing data by drone
to processing it.

PicStork Introduction

PicStork helps you automate end-to-end aerial image analytics process right from capturing images by drone to processing the data. It enables you to capture images by drones and upload directly to your PicStork cloud account in real time. Once images are available in your PicStork account, it starts analysing images automatically and triggers next actions defined. In the image analytics, it performs tasks such as object detection, OCR and QR data scanning, thermal analysis etc.

As a part of image analysis, you can annotate images yourself from PicStork using simple UI. Select images to annotate from existing AeroMegh projects or data from local drives and train your own machine learning model with no efforts. You can create a workflow to automate all the tasks right from planning a flight, capture data, upload to cloud and perform image analytics on it.

On the top of image analytics done by PicStork, it also creates a super image by stitching all the geo-tagged images using its proprietary AI algorithms and lets you edit it.

How it Works?

Prepare for image analysis

Drones fetches tones of Aerial imagery and PicStork makes your life easy in analysing it in nearly real-time. Just prepare your dataset with help of images taken in any of your previous projects or from local drive, select or upload and in few easy steps perform annotation, you are all set. Annotation tool is an integral part of PicStork workflow and you don’t need any extra toolchain for the same. It is easy and intuitive.

Train your ML model

With PicStork, once you have annotated your dataset, you can create training tasks quickly and easily. They help you in training your own models with optimized algorithms for speed and faster detection. You can even select any of the pre-trained models and construct the overall workflow. Once your own trained models are available to be used with workflow a notification is sent.

Create your workflow

First step towards automating aerial image analysis is preparing flight plan. You can plan your mission by using ultimate mission planning AeroGCS KEA or our state-of-the-art cloud application called AeroPlanner. While creating a flight plan just select the object analysis task you wish to run when images are available on cloud. All your trained or pre-trained models are available to be used for analysis with your images.

Fly and Analyze

Image analysis starts the moment images starts hitting the cloud from your drone. You can fly in few taps using AeroPlanner or PicStork for DJI mobile app. Flying your drone kicks-off the workflow and image analysis starts on cloud.
It is very well possible to see the results even flight is in progress, you can track the flight from cloud and see your images appearing live on cloud storage. Once flight is complete, it sends notifications about your autogenerated image analytics report.

View and Share

It’s fun to view and interact with analysis results on your PicStork dashboard. All the statistics goes into one place with greater ease. Download reports in various formats or share it with others over emails. Our smart link technology helps you to share the results in the form of a single webpage with your co-workers or clients even before you formally send them the final dataset and reports.

Why Should I Use It

Auto Transfer of Images

PicStork remove all hassles to transfer data from drone to cloud. It does it automatically that saves a lot of time.


While capturing images, all are transferred to cloud securely. No need to give access of data to anyone in between.

Instant Results

Get instant results of object detection on live drone captured images and save your time. Increase accuracy of object detections.

Image Annotation

Do Image Annotation yourself in few steps instantly. Detect images from local drives or existing PicStork projects.

ML Models

Make your own machine learning model for image detection with intuitive UI on PicStork.

Workflow Creation

Define your own workflow to detect objects and trigger next action in simplest way.

Auto Image Stitching

Get a mega view of your property, field etc. with the help of accurate super image created with the help of proprietary AI algorithm.

Real time Data

You get real time images to verify as they are transferred in real-time to cloud while capturing. This saves repetitive efforts to capturing images if something goes wrong.

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