Welcome To AeroMegh

AeroMegh is a SaaS platform offering multiple services. These services include AeroStream service for Drone Live Streaming; AeroCapture service for automated data transport with data analytics and AeroDelivery service for drone delivery digital infrastructure. Each service is uniquely designed with the highest security (level1) and simplicity to address the needs of the drone ecosystem.


What is AeroStream?
AeroStream is SaaS platform for drone service operators, professional and individuals to deliver Drone Live Streaming to viewers.

Why do I need it?
A Simple and Secure dedicated platform is required for drone service operators, professional and individuals to offer live streaming videos to viewers with low latency.

How it works for me?
Service Operator/ Corporate/ Professional / Individual If you are a drone service provider, corporate, professional pilot or individual with DJI drone or open autopilot drone then you can register at https://aeromegh.com and follow few steps to start delivering Drone Live Streaming to viewers. Customer/Stream viewer – If you are Drone Streaming customer/viewer then you can download the AeroStream application from Playstore and register yourself.


What is it ?
It is a cloud enabled platform to plan your mission at ease from anywhere. It helps to launch mission easily and capture high-resolution images, detect objects and generate reports or stitch a super image.

Why ?
To simplify drone mission planning for capturing volume of high-resolution aerial images and tracking your drone while capturing images on acres of land. Also, workflows to analyse imagery and generate detailed reports to audit, detect objects etc. When you need a high resolution grand view of your property , land , farm etc. Create AI based training tasks and detect objects on all captured imagery. Generate detailed reports based on analysed data.

How it works ?
Plan your mission using your favourite mission planning app or our state of the art cloud based mission planner (AeroPlanner). Create AI based training tasks and detect objects on all captured imagery. Generate detailed reports based on analysed data.


What is it?
AeroDelivery is SaaS platform to automate end to end drone delivery process for drone delivery service providers.

Why is it?
Drone Delivery Service providers require completely secure end to end automation for drone delivery operations. AeroDelivery helps them to manage massive number of delivery drones with world class secure operations.

How it works?
AeroDelivery offers end to end software and platform components right from secure firmware, edge client software, mission planning software, delivery tracking, notification, and billing integration for drone delivery service providers or manufacturers.


AeroMegh provides solutions to all leading business sectors with our own patented services, on top of your existing hardware.


Get a complete view of your site


Get a vivid & detailed view of your farm.

Mapping & Survey

Capture high resolution images of sites to help create maps


Capture high quality images of towers & power grid at ease