Total Distance of the Flight

Why Total Distance? 

By now we know drones are proving to be useful tools in a wide range of industry. Over the period, Drone has been used by different of sectors. Drones are used for number of projects and missions. For industrial, agricultural, government bodies, private sectors, media and entertainment industries, etc. There have been numerous cases of drone being used for environmental and conservational projects as well. 

Drone has its own uses and benefits for planning and execution of missions need a pre-check of the same. 

There are several important aspects in flight pre-checks that can help ensure a safe flight. 

One of important feature is Total distance of the flight;

The major check flight checklist is the Total distance of the flight. Total distance of the flight gives a complete understanding of how much distance will the drone be flying. Helps us get an overview of the battery percentage remaining and will that be able to sustain throughout the mission. Also, for the given project, what distance the drone has travelled and other added understanding to it is helped to analyze better. 

Benefits of Total Distance of the Flight Feature:

Helps in understanding the distance of the flight. Helps to evaluate and examine important factors that are dependent on distance, like; time consumed throughout the flight, its battery life. 

Pre-check of the flights helps to understand if the drone is in good functioning. Helps in eliminating unnecessary mistakes. 

Total distance of the Drone flight is hence a major checklist feature that one should consider before signing up for a Drone Management Software.