Consider in Drone Management Software?

Focusing on the need for drones and it’s varied uses, the need for Drone’s effective software and features has raised too.  The constant upgradation in the functions and features of the Software is the need of the hour. 

Drone management software should be such that one understands easily and doesn’t need to invest a lot of time in the initial process of the same at the same time it should be unified and effective in carrying out the missions. 

One of the major needed features in Drone management software is Terrain Mode.

Why Terrain Mode? 

Terrain Mode permits the drone to automatically detect and change the height while flying. This means, the drone maintains a certain height above terrain and robotically adjusts its altitude based on the terrain below. Terrain Mode empowers constant elevation difference from the ground level. It allows the machine to hike or descend to maintain a specified distance above the terrain using SRTM data (terrain altitude data) provided by the GCS using a mapping service such as Google maps. Terrain Mode allows the drone to perform effectively as it adjusts itself automatically incases of abrupt mountain ranges or slope for that matter. Pilot does not need to manually add the latitude and longitude. Drone remotely fine-tunes its height as needed. This saves time and effort of the Drone Pilot/Professional. 

To follow terrain data, user have to permit the parameters such as Enable Terrain and Terrain Follow switch. The Terrain enable parameter enables the terrain functionality and generate the Terrain folder in your Flight controller SD Card. Terrain follow parameter enables the terrain mode in RTL and Land mode. User can also customise the radius using in Terrain Radius Text box and this radius is used to download the terrain file.

Benefits of Terrain Mode:

Terrain Mode, as a whole makes the mission easier, operative and helps avoid risk. 

A Drone Management Software requires additional attention to minute details. Features and Functions of the Software plays a vital role in the overall missions and analytics of the same. 

To conclude, Terrain Mode is one of the important features that you must look for before signing up for any Drone Management Software as it will save you from obstacles and mishaps.