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What should you look for in a Drone live streaming application?

In today’s world where Drones are found almost in every nook and corner. Drone Live streaming has become an everyday thing. There are few drone streaming platforms however, there are few dedicated drone streaming platforms. ‘AeroStream’ primarily focuses on some key features that any Drone streaming application must provide for seamless streaming along with several other features.


Being humans, we always crave to keep things simple and easy. You must work hard to make it simple! Very well quoted by Leonardo da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Simplicity is one of the key mantras for AeroStream. We have put loads of time and effort to create an application that works so effortlessly. This simplicity saves time and gives a wonderful user experience. Thus, making AeroStream a simple and extremely user-friendly application.

Mentioned below are quick and easy steps to access live streaming.

  • Place a request on the AeroStream application.
  • Once a pilot starts flying, he/she must click the ‘Live Streaming’ button.aerialphotography

You get a notification and can start enjoying live streaming. It is as simple as possible. Also, viewers can share the link with others, with the mobile share feature on the AeroStream application. This makes AeroStream such a simple application for any user.


Security is a key for data storage in any domain, be it banking where your card details are stored or in shopping sites or video streaming, or social media. ’AeroStream’ has developed a full proof authentication system that is mandatory at every step, right from pilot validation to viewer application or even while sharing any data. Some key features in this aspect are mentioned below.

  • AeroStream offers a secured storage facility. All the data captured by the AeroStream platform is stored securely on the cloud platform which is available only with authentication.
  • By default, data is available for one month after capturing. However, with additional payment, data can be stored for a longer period as per your need.
  • AeroStream offers end-to-end data security. Without proper authentication, no data can be accessed or shared. Once the streaming starts, all data is stored directly on cloud servers.
  • AeroStream offers the best end-to-end data security for enterprises. Customers or viewers are the only custodians of the data and only they can delete the videos if required.

‘AeroStream’ is the answer to safe and secured streaming.

Video Downloading

Wonder why should we download any video? What if you are at a place where the internet connectivity is poor, and you have to present a video. What if someone asks you to share the video via WhatsApp or any other similar platform?  The answer is simple, downloading the video on local storage.

Downloading your videos with the AeroStream application is just a click away.

  • Login to the AeroStream application mobile or web.
  • Select the video you wish to download.
  • Save it to your local storage.

Even after downloading a user can still save the video on the ‘AeroStream’ application by taking specific special payment plans.


No service is complete without a proper and handy analytics report. Analytic helps the user to understand the efficacy of any service. Understanding and analyzing the things which help better the performance every time. AeroStream offers complete video feedback analytics.

  • AeroStream calculates the total views.
  • Calculates the number of users who have ‘liked’ the video.
  • Allows the viewer to submit feedback on every video.
  • Viewers can also ‘like’ live streaming and customer can understand how many people like the video simultaneously.

So many services so many options to choose from. We should be clear as to what is our primary requirement as an end-user and make the best decisions. Hope we could bring more clarity and help you make the best decision.

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