Unlocking Efficiency: AeroGCS GREEN & Enterprise
for Streamlined Agriculture Drone Operations

Unlocking Efficiency: AeroGCS GREEN & Enterprise
for Streamlined Agriculture Drone Operations

Join us for our upcoming webinar, “Unlocking Efficiency: AeroGCS GREEN & Enterprise for Streamlined Agriculture Drone Operations.” Discover how our innovative software solutions can transform your spraying practices, boosting efficiency and productivity in farming. AeroGCS GREEN, our Mission Planning and Precision Spraying software, is designed to cultivate healthier, greener fields and enhance crop yields. With integrated precision spraying techniques, it fosters optimal growth and field health. Meanwhile, AeroGCS Enterprise streamlines project management, allowing for seamless task assignment and monitoring for pilots across various projects. With remote flight monitoring capabilities, collaboration knows no bounds, amplifying operational efficiency and teamwork to achieve superior results. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your agricultural operations!

We will delve into the following:

  • Accessibility of precision spraying software on user-friendly devices.
  • Implementation of simplest tools of AeroGCS GREEN for Plotting/Mapping and optimization of resources.
  • Utilization of various AeroGCS GREEN features and functionality for resource management and efficient spraying.
  • Cloud integration, report generation and interesting Business Insights with AeroGCS ENTERPRISE.

Meet our Expert Presenter


Mr. Hariprasad Jain,

Regional Head-South

With over 8 years in the drone industry and a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Hariprasad brings extensive expertise. He began his career as a drone engineer at IIT Kanpur, designing and testing various drone types. Transitioning into sales and business development, he secured deals with major clients across sectors like agriculture and construction. In 2018, he led a startup’s sales efforts, generating $2.4 million in annual revenue. Joining PDRL in 2022, he drives sales and business development in South and East India, aiding drone startups and established companies alike. Hariprasad remains active in the drone community, attending conferences and events while sharing his expertise as a speaker. He’s also trained in Disaster Management and Community Resilience Through UAVs.

The webinar will be 60 mins and will be concluded with a Q/A session.
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Webinar Date –  9th May 2024, Thursday

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