PicStork Super 30 Challenge

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Title: Transmission Tower Marvel: AI-Powered Infrastructure Management

Transmission towers carry high-voltage transmission lines that transport electricity from power plants to electrical substations. Transmission towers form the backbone of our electrical infrastructure, ensuring the seamless flow of power.

PicStork AI revolutionizes the management of transmission towers, which are the crucial backbone of our electrical infrastructure. This cutting-edge technology ensures accurate counting, defect tracking, and monitoring of transmission towers, empowering authorities in proactive maintenance and efficient infrastructure planning.


Step 1 : Create a Training Task

  • Name your task and get started under either a new project or an existing project.
  • Upload Images: Begin by uploading a set of images that will be used for training the object detection model.
  • Wait for PicStork to resize your images; until then, you can start annotating images.

Step 2: Annotate 

  • List down your objects you would like to train.
  • Annotate the uploaded images by marking the locations of objects you want the model to detect. This step involves drawing around the objects of interest.

You will need to annotate at least 20 examples on your images.

Step 3: Train

  • Click on the setup button to get started.
  • Select the accuracy level for training: low means faster training speed but slightly lower accuracy, medium means slower training but higher accuracy.
  • Select training purpose:
  • Defect for detecting defects and creating a comprehensive report showcasing your defects.
  • Counting for counting the number of objects in given images.

Step 4: Detection

  • Create a Detection task.
  • Name your task and get started under either a new project or an existing project.
  • Upload Images.
  • Setup Parameters: Configure your Processing Parameters.
  • Counting for a comprehensive report with counts of an object.

Defect for a comprehensive report representing defects and severity levels of an object.

PicStork Detector Results 


In an era where efficiency and precision are crucial, PicStork AI transforms transmission tower management, offering a forward-looking solution that combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Experience the future of infrastructure maintenance with Transmission Tower Marvel.