The Power-packed “DroneNaksha” by PDRL Launched by Microsoft Head Govt. Vertical, Mr. Namit Sinha

The Biggest Drone festival was inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PDRL participated in the same to showcase ultimate offerings delivered from AeroMegh SaaS Platform.

PDRL rejoiced to have Mr. Namit Sinha, Microsoft Govt. Vertical, National Head at the official launch of DroneNaksha at the DFI, Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022.

Mr. Namit Sinha is a dynamic persona. He has been associated with the leaders in IT Industry for more than 24 years. He has prodigious experience in Government Sales, Telecom Sales and Large Enterprise Accounts. He is been taking care of large and geographically spread country wide team.

Bharat Drone Mahotsav, 2022 was a great knowledge gaining event. PM, Narendra Modi therein shared his valuable thoughts on the potential of drone industry. He mentioned about the fact that, promotion of technology is another medium of advancing our commitment to good governance and ease of living. He believes that we have made technology a key tool to impart new strength, speed and scale to the country.

It is for a fact that Drone Ecosystem has an amazing tomorrow, with upgrading technologies and advancements and automation of number of end-to-end processes, Drone is soon going to be as common as Smart Phones today.

PDRL predicted this far vision 4 years ago. With only the thought of growing along and contributing to the Drone Industry, PDRL has developed a Scalable SaaS platform – AeroMegh. 

AeroMegh is an end-to-end stack for Drone Missions. Right from flying and capturing to processing and analysing data, AeroMegh covers the major aspects of Drone missions. Its products include, AeroGCS for Flying and Capturing, DroneNaksha for Processing and PicStork for Analysing. All of these are developed in a simple and unique way for the user to directly focus on the tasks that matter the most and gain amazing outputs in real-time.

PDRL believes and practices, that efforts take roots and flourish when the team unites. Team PDRL has been on toes to develop Software that enhances value of Human life. DroneNaksha’s each feature has a value adding element that empowers it to stand out and stand strong amongst all. It is genuinely one of its kind, outstanding Drone Data Processing Software. Drone Industry’s rising need asks for Technology that eases down efforts and makes it a simplified affair to perform Drone Missions. DroneNaksha is all about it! DroneNaksha is been developed and designed in a simple and unique way that makes it a legit cake walk for the user to focus on the drone missions and attain amazing outputs. DroneNaksha is going to create a major change for the Drone Industry. Its amazing features are going to do the magic wand thing for the users by Creating More Time to Live.

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