Automated Telecom Tower Inspection

Aerocapture helps you Telecom Tower inspect automatically and visually with its AI capabilities. You just need to bring in images of your telecom tower and upload them. Create an analysis task and just run it. Analysis using Artificial Intelligence is completed in few minutes and details report of inspection is ready for you. Details of inspection with severity of anomalies are available for you at your fingertip for your further action. The intuitive web UI helps you to visualize your images using 3D of each tower. Start saving your time of inspecting thousands of images automatically.

Transmission Tower Inspection Service Features

Transmission Tower Inspection with Artificial Intelligence.

Aerocapture’s AI inspection find faults in your transmission tower images quickly and with 95% accuracy. It scans thousands of images automatically using AI algorithms and finds faults for you. You do not need to scan each image manually.

Tower 3D view

AeroCapture generates 3D view of the transmission tower automatically using images. You can do visual inspection of tower sitting anywhere with ease.

Deep Dive with Zoom In

AeroCapture empowers you to get deep view of tower using zoom in and out functionality.

Hybrid Inspection

AeroCapture offers you capability to do hybrid inspection. It does automated inspection using Machine Learning and AI technology. Similarly, it offers you capability to do visual inspection as well.

Customizable Inspection

Aerocapture offers you capability to add or remove more anomalies to inspect from each tower. You can add more defect types to monitor more defects.

Action Suggestions

AeroCapture gives you automated severity level of each anomaly type and then offers AI based suggestion for possible steps.

Historical Reports

Historical reports are available in digital form to understand more about each tower anomalies in past and take decision accordingly.

Share Reports

AeroCapture gives you empowers you to share auto generated reports with your team and stakeholders.

How it works?

Sign-up for the AeroCapture Service

Sign-up to AeroCapture Service at Activate your AeroCapture Service.

Create your Telecom Tower Inspection Project

Every new inspection work should be called as Project. Define name to the project as per your preference. Define name of client for whom project is being done. More details about client like his location, company name, contact name, order date, and so on can be added.

Add Tower Inspection Plan.

Define tower inspection plan name under the created project. Name can be as per your preference to remember or as per your organization process. Under the description, you can add more information like tower location, tower type and so on. If you want to inspect multiple towers, then you can create multiple such inspection plans.

Create Tower Image Set

Create an Image Set for transmission Tower and add all images of your transmission tower. All images should be available on local disk and then you can select them to import. All the images added will be shown to see total images got added with other details. You can also create a flight mission plan so that all captured image while flying can directly come under your image set.

Create Analysis Task

Create an analysis task. Define the name to the analysis task. Select the inspection plan which you created for tower inspection. Select the image set to define source of images. Define the analysis to be performed from the image set to have tower inspected.

Run the Analysis Task

Click on the analysis task created and go through it. Once everything is verified, you can start the analysis task and your results of tower inspection would be available for you in few minutes max. AeroCapture processes all images using AI to find tower anomalies from the images in few minutes using high processing power GPU servers in the cloud. The parallel processing algorithms of AeroCapture helps to run many such analysis task simultaneously and process them.

Tower Inspection Report

AeroCapture generates short summary and detailed summary report of inspection. You can go on any report and see details. You can see report of each tower generated from the plans created. Summary report gives summary of anomalies found in the form of graphs. Report also generates severity level of each anomaly. Under details report, you can see overall images and number of anomalies found in each image. You can select images based on type of anomalies so that you see only specific anomaly images only.

360 Degree View for Visual Inspection

Get 360 degree view of individual tower from the tower report section. You can see tower from all angels using mouse and also zoom in / zoom out the view of the tower. Do manual inspection of the tower as per your need. If you wish to validate automated generated reports with manual inspection, you can do that.

Each Image Analytics

Click on any individual image and then you see its details. Details show image name, its location, detection score, tower name, image type, problem severity and so on. Sharing of images is possible via email or other medium. You can download the image to local drive as well. Print image if needed.

Technology Stack



AeroCapture platform helps you to plan your flight, capture images, auto upload all images directly to cloud, process images and generate tower inspection results.


Simplest mission planning software can help your team on ground to do flight planning. You can make the local law compliant flight like NPNT using AeroGCS. It will save lot of time of pilot to capture images.


AeroStream service can be used to capture videos of transmission tower and stream videos directly to the stake holders. Stake holders can see videos on mobile application, browser, or any smart TV. Recorded videos will be available on cloud as digital records.