Streaming and Data Protection

The ability to see something that is happening right now from far far away, and the ability to see the ground from a bird’s eye view is what defines Drone streaming!

Drones are used in as many critical applications like mapping of land, surveillance, continuous monitoring, and law and order situational awareness and so on. Generally, the business process of data capturing with drone is very well defined. Customers explain their requirements to drone service providers and the drone pilots capture the images or videos and handover captured data to the end customers. The service providers capture the images or videos with their own drone’s pilots or may even outsource the job to a freelancing drone pilot. 

Drone pilots upon reaching the site, plan their path based on the area that needs to be covered and starts operating the drones. While flying the drone, videos and images are recorded and this data is usually stored in the Drone’s SD card. 

Then pilot then does the following: 

  1. Gets SD card from drone when drone is landed
  2. Puts SD card in a computer, copies the data from SD card to computer or directly to some file sharing platform
  3. Once data is uploaded, the pilot then shares the link with the service provider or the customer  

In this overall process, there is always a possibility of data leak. Captured data gets stored at multiple locations and may also be accessed by multiples entities. This certainly increases risk of data security. Whereas, when AeroStream is used, videos captured by AeroStream pilot application is directly uploaded to the AeroStream account of customer.  Data is not stored anywhere except cloud storage. Data is not accessible to anyone except you, not even to the pilot who flew the drone. 

Customer can directly get access of his data by logging on to his AeroStream cloud account or in his mobile application. Customer can manage their videos/images from their own mobile application or cloud account. Whenever required they can download data on their local system and can delete the data from the cloud as per their convenience. 

All these capabilities ensure AeroStream to protect data which is a vital asset of any consumer. Use AeroStream for end to end data security. Be assured, your data is well protected by AeroStream!

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