PicStork Super 30 Challenge

Transportation → Pothole Detection

Title: PicStork GEO AI's Innovative Solution for Pothole Detection

Potholes pose a significant threat to the infrastructure and safety of Indian roads, necessitating a revolutionary approach. In response to this challenge, PicStork AI introduces a cutting-edge solution poised to revolutionize pothole detection and management, ultimately ensuring safer roadways for all.

Utilizing PicStork AI for Pothole Detection: Our advanced PicStork GEO AI is trained on images captured by UAVs, meticulously stitched together to create high-resolution geotiff orthomosaics. These serve as the foundation for training our customized pothole detector. The remarkable outcome? The identification of 33 potholes with an astonishing 99% accuracy from a single geotiff.

In summary, PicStork AI is dedicated to the mission of constructing safer and more resilient roads. Our proactive approach to pothole management sets a new standard for road upkeep. With the unparalleled precision of PicStork GEO AI’s technology, traffic on our roadways can confidently move in a secure and efficient manner.