Minimum Eligibility → Graduate from Technical Education Stream
Sr.No.Chapter No.description
1Chapter 1Introduction to Drone Technology, Duration: Four Hours
2Chapter 2Introduction to Dynamics of Aerial Systems, Duration: Eight Hours
3Chapter 3Introduction to Drone Sensors, Duration: Eight Hours
4Chapter 4Introduction to Propulsion Systems and Power, Duration: Eight Hours
5Chapter 5Introduction to Indian Drone Regulations, Duration: Eight Hours
6Chapter 6Basic Drone Configurations, Duration: Sixteen Hours
7Chapter 7Projects and Flights, Duration: Eight Hours
8Chapter 8Flight Logs and Notifications, Duration: Four Hours
9Chapter 9Mission Planning with Simulator, Duration: Eight Hours
10Chapter 10Introduction to Enterprise Systems, Duration: Four Hours
11Chapter 11Introduction to Cloud Technology, Duration: Eight Hours
12Chapter 12Team Collaboration, Duration: Four Hours
13Chapter 13Cloud Integration, Duration: Four Hours
14Chapter 14AeroPlanner and AeroStack, Duration: Sixteen Hours
15Chapter 15Projects, Duration: Four Hours
16Chapter 16Drone Command Center, Duration: Four Hours
17Chapter 17UAV Performance, Duration: Four Hours
18Chapter 18Business Analytics, Duration: Four Hours
19Chapter 19Video Live Streaming, Duration: Sixteen Hours
20Chapter 20Delivery by Drones, Duration: Sixteen Hours
21Chapter 21UTM and Compliance, Duration: Four Hours