PDRL Unveils Second Commercial Video Highlighting How AeroGCS has turn out to be the backbone of the Indian Drones

PDRL Unveils Second Commercial Video Highlighting How AeroGCS has turn out to be the backbone of the Indian Drones

NASHIK, India, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — https://pdrl.in/ unveils its second commercial video, highlighting the growing market potential of AeroGCS and its robust engagement with key industry players. The video underscores AeroGCS’s efficiency, showcasing its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features. AeroGCS, a highly recommended Indian Ground Control Station Software for drones, serves as a cornerstone for successful drone business operations
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Against dynamic backdrop, AeroGCS by PDRL emerges as an indisputable symbol of achievement. The company’s flagship Ground Control Software (GCS) – AeroGCS – which is part of AeroMegh platform has earned deep respect for its simplicity and effectiveness, solidifying its place at the forefront of pioneering drone technologies.

Empowering Excellence in Drone Missions: AeroGCS, a pioneer in Ground Control Software (GCS), introduces a suite of powerful features that empower every facet of drone missions. From meticulous mission planning to precise execution and thorough analysis of post-mission data, AeroGCS amplifies operational excellence. This dedication to perfection is evident in AeroGCS’s remarkable 75% market share in India, a testament to its unparalleled performance across diverse operational environments. With over 50% of Indian drone manufacturers Type-certified with AeroGCS, and more than 75% of Indian agriculture drones licensed with AeroGCS Green, the demand for skilled resources is perceptible. PDRL is already on the path to certifying 10,000 professionals on its AeroMegh platform.

Setting New Benchmarks in Excellence: AeroGCS stands out with its intuitive project management capabilities and user-friendly wizard flow, synergistically enhancing operational fluidity and resource optimization. Furthermore, AeroGCS seamlessly integrates cloud services, fostering collaboration and data management. This integration is fortified by a robust Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), ensuring protection against emerging cyber threats. The acquisition of over 4,000+ AeroGCS licenses from prominent players, including IFFCO through OEM partners within the drone sector, emphasizes unwavering trust in AeroGCS’s reliability and exceptional capabilities.

Pioneering the Future of Drone Innovation: As the drone industry’s expansion continues, AeroGCS remains committed to propelling innovation, nurturing operational excellence, and significantly influencing the trajectory of drone technology. With the dawn of this new era in drone innovation, AeroGCS stands distinguished to lead the charge. Drone service providers aspiring to elevate their capabilities and deliver unparalleled value to their clients are encouraged to explore the myriad opportunities presented by AeroGCS.

About PDRL:

Passenger Drone Research Private Limited (PDRL) is a distinguished software company dedicated to driving the transformative evolution of the drone sector. Anchored by its pioneering AeroMegh SaaS platform, PDRL provides a comprehensive solution for seamlessly transforming drone data into actionable insights. AeroMegh Software as a Service (SaaS) ecosystem encompasses three distinct and invaluable products: AeroGCS: It empowers seamless drone control and efficient data capture, enabling users to gather a wealth of aerial information effortlessly. DroneNaksha: DroneNaksha specializes in processing intricate drone-acquired data. Applying advanced algorithms, it transforms raw data into refined, insightful, and actionable results. PicStork: PicStork, offers distinguished features for the analysis of drone-derived data. Through cutting-edge analytical techniques, PicStork extracts valuable insights, empowering informed decision-making. PDRL’s AeroMegh platform epitomizes an all-encompassing solution, catering to every stage of the drone data utilization lifecycle. This comprehensive suite of features solidifies PDRL’s position as a pioneering force in the drone technology sector, offering an integrated approach that empowers users to harness the full potential of drone data with ease.


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