Examination Guidelines

Important guidelines for appearing exam

Examination Guidelines

Important guidelines for appearing exam

1. Examination Guidelines

Here are the Examination Guidelines for the participants.

  • The examination will be conducted on the online platform only.
  • The duration of the examination will be an hour.
  • Candidate can appear for an examination as per the given schedule.
  • The examination will be based on the respective certification of which the study material is readily available at https://aeromegh.com/certification/
  • Prepare yourself with this study material available at https://aeromegh.com/certification
  • The candidate will receive an email from PDRL with the exam schedule after successfully applying for a certificate examination.
  • Read the instructions properly before beginning the examination.
  • Only one attempt is allowed for this examination in one quarter.
  • In case of an internet issue or any emergency the candidate should report to PDRL, so that another attempt will be allocated to the candidate.
  • No cheating is allowed as it is a proctored examination.
  • Opening of another browser/tab will be considered and a warning will be generated. If you continue with opening another browser/tab, you will be debarred from the examination.
  • Audio and video tracking of every candidate will be done during the examination.
  • After completing the examination, the report card will be available online.
  • Fill out a Google form provided by PDRL for receiving the certificate.
  • Certificate will be issued to candidate who has satisfied the passing criteria.

2. Exam Announcement Procedure

  • PDRL will announce Examination Schedule on its website, social media and via email for the eligible registered members.

2.1 Procedure For Attempting Examination

Here is the detail procedure for attempting examination:

1. Open your inbox with the enrolled E-email address. You must have received an e-mail from PDRL as shown.

2. Examination will be proctored examination.

3. Check the system configuration, internet connectivity.

4. Don’t refresh the webpage during the assessment which will lead to immediate submission of your responses.

5. All your responses will be saved automatically. In case of disconnection of internet or shutdown, you will be able to resume easily.

6. Your system should have web camera that will be enabled during the examination.

7. Allow for audio and video recording during the examination.

8. Allow the exam platform to capture the entire screen of system during the examination by selecting the “Entire Screen” tab. Select the screen and then click on the “Share” button to enable the sharing of the screen.

9. Carry authentic Identity Card as a proof with you for examination as it is required to produce during the examination for validating your entry.

10. Enter the details in the form popped up on the screen. Fill all the compulsory fields and then proceed for appearing examination.

2.2 Rule For Examination

1. Each question is compulsory.

2. Each question carries 1 mark. No negative marking is considered.

3. Section-wise passing is there. For more details regarding the sections and section-wise passing marks please refer to the section 1.1 of the same document.

4. Navigation to the previous and next question as well as a section is allowed by clicking on blue arrows displayed on the screen.

5. Questions will be displayed on the left side whereas, the answer options are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen as shown in the following image.

6. Test Time will be continuously displayed on the screen. Finish the test within the stipulated time to avoid auto-submission of the test.

7. Changing of option for an answer is possible by clicking on “Clear Response”.

8. The candidate can click on the “Revisit Later” option for attempting the question later in the given hour.

9. After completing the test click on the “Finish Test” button on the screen.

10. Thanking message will be displayed on the screen and the candidate can download his report by clicking on the “Download Report” button.

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