Enterprise Affiliate Partner Program

An Enterprise Affiliate Partner (EAP)
is an enterprise working for mutual benefits of both entities performing role of Affiliate Sales.


An Enterprise Affiliate Partner (EAP) is an enterprise working for mutual benefits of both entities performing role of Affiliate Sales. EAP creates awareness of AeroMegh products in the market. Enterprise Affiliate Partner works for mutual benefits generated through the products and services offered by AeroMegh. EAP helps in planning and executing business growth path.

Affiliate Partner Benefits

One Bucket Solution

AeroMegh is a platform offering one stop solution for all customer needs, right from flight planning, live streaming, drone automation to drone data analytics. This makes AeroMegh an unequalled platform that fulfils all the necessary areas where drone management software solutions are needed. AeroMegh is one of its kind competitive platforms in the current market scenario.

Ahead of Competition

With the unparallel feature-filled unique software solution, AeroMegh is a SaaS platform offering multiple services at one place. Hence it is easier for the user to operate and perform from one dedicated place resulting in saving time, efforts and money.

Resource Access

Multiple important documents and resources that are needed to understand AeroMegh platform to build customer solutions and its services would be provided to the Enterprise Affiliate partner. This makes it easier and builds trust amongst the team working as one. All these resources empower consulting partner to address customer requirements efficiently.

Training of EAP and Team

We believe that thorough understanding comes only after proper knowledge of products. Our team will conduct training to train EAP and team to help gain customers in the vast market space.

Infrastructure Support

All the necessary equipment needed for product understanding or demo would be provided in order to deliver excellent understanding of AeroMegh offerings.

Hand Holding

EAP Partner would be gaining all the support for training, resources, infrastructure purpose from AeroMegh. There would be complete hand holding and understanding expected both ways in this process of growth.

Build your Brand

Build your brand in the leading drone industry with AeroMegh. AeroMegh is a SaaS platform with number of services and products empowering drone automation and data analytics. Hereby creating wider market for EAP Partner to understand and plan the overall process of business by creating a growth path for EAP Partner as well as AeroMegh. It is an initiative to create a win-win situation in the rapidly growing drone market.

Marketing Resources to promote for business development

AeroMegh will take a lead for marketing activities in all regions based on its marketing budget to create brand awareness and increase customer base. EAP Partner can execute multiple marketing programs to market AeroMegh products and services and their own name as well. Joint activities, collaboration, improvisation in different areas, marketing collaterals and advancement in technology is an upmost priority for AeroMegh. Reaching out to potential customers, generating and converting leads is the goal.

Complete Ecosystem

EAP Partner becomes a part of larger ecosystem where multiple players with various roles come together to explore the potential market and help business grow. Other Partner Programs as a part of ecosystem are as below

Enterprise Affiliate Partner Requirement

Experience Requirement

Experience Requirement

EAP should have experience of at-least one year in sales and marketing process.

Team Capability

Team Capability

EAP should have at-least team of 2 sales executives for sales operations.

Industry Background

Industry Background

EAP should be from information technology or IT enabled service industry.

Enterprise Affiliate Partner Journey

Growing and exploring amongst new vertical to gain traction and generate leads is the main aim. Let’s come together in order to increase and develop business opportunities in the drone domain.

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