AeroMegh Professional

Where Experience Meets Expertise!


Where Experience Meets Expertise!

Welcome to AeroMegh Community

AeroMegh professional unites AeroMegh product expertise from all across the globe
on one platform,our userbase includes veteran GIS experts, skilled drone pilots & experienced
AI enthusiasts who use our platform actively,getting started with AeroMegh professional is very easy.
Contributing to AeroMegh Professional is easy start to sign up on AeroMegh Professional website and complete your profile.
AeroMegh Professional has multiple product categories to start contributing and learning, select one that you are looking for.
On AeroMegh Professional you may ask for a solution or may share your expert advice and earn rewards.
We at AeroMegh Professional value your contribution hence we offer multiple reward programs & opportunities.
We organize monthly activities to get feedback & listen to our users, participate and get honoured, make us happy.

Reward Programs

User delight is an important part of product user experience for us. We offer multiple reward programs to delight our contribution.

AeroMegh Professional Contributor of the Month

Monthly rewards are run for regular contributors along with moderators who are not from PDRL team. This program is created to honour those contributors who are consistently contributing to the community by sharing their knowledge and expertise with other members by taking efforts.

Any user can nominate themselves for the title, the nomination will be evaluated by moderators and an individual contributor will be selected.

AeroMegh Professional Expert

A yearly reward honors the consistent contribution to AeroMegh professional community at various levels.
This reward basically a year long membership to reward program called “AeroMegh Professional Expert”.
AeroMegh Professional advice following steps to get nominated & selected for “AeroMegh Professional Expert” program.

AeroMegh Product Feedback Program

AeroMegh professional will announce a feedback activity as and when any significant product features are under testing. Users who are willing to participate can apply to these activities.

AeroMegh professional will select a small set of applicant and share details on how this activity is to be executed.

Each participant will have to submit their experience and feedback to AeroMegh Professional on timely basis. Once the activity is closed every participant who completes the activity will become eligible for a reward and a participation acknowledgement certificate.

All the activities participations will be considered far selections of AeroMegh Professional Expert program.