Transmission Tower Inspection Now made effortless

Traditionally, tasks like Transmission Tower Inspection were performed with major challenges and heavy expenses. With Several months of planning and arranging of workers at the same time, also causing disturbance to the public in case of the tower is place in populated farm area. Besides the enough time and effort spent on this, the main task still remained to be accomplished, that is analytics on the data collected. Post that, the involved individuals had to invest added time and efforts for getting the desired results, finding areas of actions, planning and taking necessary actions on the same. And then the necessary task was executed, these took months to observe, evaluate and execute.

Wherein, the time-changing scenario of drone industry has led to the impossible come to live. Drone Industry is taking a lead in all possible sectors – Infrastructure, Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Logistic and widespread industries. Transmission tower inspection or inspection of anything.

Transmission tower have been around for decades and have been inspected manually for just as long.

What makes Drone Software Solutions a relatively new technology, exceptionally as alternative inspection tool?

Safety: The primary objective for the switch from manual efforts to drone software solutions is because Drone automation and Drone Data Analytics through Drone Software Solutions to be a whole lot of safer. No longer do people need to climb up these towers to look for the damaged areas by putting themselves through life risking situations and exposing themselves to fall hazards. With Drones and Drone Software Solutions, there’s virtually no risk of any person getting injured.

Detailed Information: With the help of technology and advancements in Drone Software Solutions for Drone Data Analytics, a series of receiving 3D view of the images. Users can zoom in and out for to carry minor observations. Objects to identify can be added through the drone software solutions.

This thoroughness and accuracy cannot be simply achieved from traditional inspection techniques.

Speed: Tasks like Transmission tower inspections besides having a larger team can typically take up several weeks to months’ time to complete a job at a satisfactory level of detail. Perhaps, this involves, entail massive logistical movements and significant downtime for the tower. By the usage of Drone and Drone Data analytics, the desired can be done within hours and no downtime is involved. This inspection can be done by a single person or at most a two-man crew. The speed of task performed and efforts as well team involved, cuts down immediately.

Cost: The Usage of Drones and Drone data analytics and the hi-end technology is a matter of choice. Since Drone only needs a single operator and the drone missions can be planned and deployed within minutes, businesses/entities/personnel can save on manpower and logistical expenses. This has a major positive effect on the profits by minimum expenses.

There are numeral benefits and advantages of switching to Software Solutions for Drone Automation and Drone Data analytics. Making it simpler and easier to use and adapt the technology by saving time, effort and cost.