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Drones are being used frequently by surveyors and engineers for surveying, terrain assessment and mapping. The comprehensive notion of drones in this industry is not utterly new, but the concept of drone implementation has made surveying and mapping much more cost effective. By using drones, surveyors and engineers no longer need to spend several days or weeks walking through the survey area and taking manual measurements. Drones have eliminated the challenges and hurdles of hard-to-reach areas that resulted in risky operations. Not only drones have made surveying job easier but the advancement in technology can produce data and generate models that are more accurate.

Challenges faced in Survey and Mapping Projects

On a daily basis, thousands of drones fly for multiple purpose around the globe. These drones capture millions of images that becomes a very massive data. Managing, processing and achieving desired results from this data is indeed an effort job. Using different platform to perform each mission can be very frustrating, loosing data security and resulting in half information or incorrect outcomes. Add on to this, managing and storing this data for a long duration for future reference is again a challenge. One of the most important considerations when using drones for surveying and mapping is the efficiency of tools and techniques needed for end-to-end management and delivering accuracy of data.


Smart Solutions for Survey and Mapping with DroneNaksha

Surveying and Mapping has taken off with the new upgradations on Drone Ecosystem. But are these upgradations full-fledged? Does it only need drones to be smarter? Or does it require equally smart software solutions delivering highest accuracy and chunking down the whole lot of effort included in this process.

Drones are the primary significant aspect in the Drone Industry. The secondary significant aspect is the Software through which the whole project has been performed. This is where DroneNaksha comes in, DroneNaksha is a thoughtfully designed platform that delivers one of its kind,           survey and mapping experience. It provides various photogrammetry algorithms that give out the highest accuracy and outcome. Let’s explore the massive capabilities of DroneNaksha for easing down the efforts included in Surveying and Mapping Projects.

Significant Highlights of DroneNaksha

One Stop Solution

DroneNaksha is a service from the SaaS platform named AeroMegh. AeroMegh empowers transforming data into actionable insights with minimum efforts. It is called as the one bucket solution with regards to its offerings and functionalities. AeroMegh helps to fly and capture drone data with AeroGCS KEA, Process drone data with DroneNaksha and Perform analytics on processed data with PicStork. This makes an easier affair for the user, by eliminating the switching part of data for each process from various software. AeroMegh is the end-to-end stack that drives the drone management, processing and analytics.

Reduced Project Time

For centuries, surveyors and engineers were tasked with walking over acres of land to keenly measure the land or area to perform survey and mapping. The derived tasks however took months and years to initiate and further more time obtain accurate data. In between, if any hurdle or challenges were faced, then either the project was left undone for years or again rework on the same was required. Surveyors has now gained greater assistance from drones and drone software. It has been observed that the data captured with drones is 10 times faster than the land-based methods that require manpower. The entire project time that took manually to perform this mission has been reduced.

DroneNaksha has capabilities that include in reducing the time consumed on any project. User can easily process huge amount of workload in parallel processing. The moto hear is to create more time to live by focusing directly on the outputs.

Data Safety and Storage

Data security for confidential surveying and mapping projects is a point of concern. The concern is efficiently addressed with DroneNaksha. DroneNaksha delivers improved safety while uploading the data from drone to cloud. It empowers to securely upload data with utmost ease. Once the data is safely uploaded, it can be stored on cloud for a derived period. This data can be accessed with only proper credentials and authentication. Uploaded data can be easily accessed by the concerned people, anytime-anywhere.

Higher Productivity

Productivity is given utmost significance with DroneNaksha. The simpler User interface makes it easier for the pilot to understand the software function in the initial usage of the same. This eliminates the complexities and puts the focus on the tasks directly. With DroneNaksha, the task that consume weeks or months can be easily completed in hours resulting in Higher Productivity.

Accurate Outputs

Obtaining accurate outputs is one major aspect that has been fulfilled by DroneNaksha. With the right tools and technology, the Output delivered by DroneNaksha is reliable to perform actionable insights in time. This saves on recurring efforts inculcated manual ways of performing survey and mapping.

Zero Cost Processing Infrastructure

DroneNaksha is powered by seamless cloud integration that eases any workload. It processes data and generates various data types like orthomosaic images, digital terrain models, digital surface model, vegetation index, and more. The User is only charged for the consumed services.

Customized Report

DroneNaksha helps to go from images to insightful maps in an instant. It delivers the excellent feature of customizing data. The report generated from DroneNaksha is indeed useful, easy and extremely manageable. It is highly intuitive and can be easily shared with stakeholders’ hassle free in different data types.

DroneNaksha has number of capabilities that will improve your productivity and potential decisions. Its features will define your Survey and Mapping jobs differently.

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