Why Secure Upgrade is must for Drone OEMs

Drones are good for everything! However, if misused, they can be dangerous as well. A single small drone can create massive havoc in a country. Therefore, drone security is most important aspect for everyone. There are many things we need to ensure in place to have better drone security for your business as well as for society. 

Drone Firmware is the most important part in any drone and if it compromised, any havoc situation can be created. Therefore, it is important to secure firmware of each drone. Since by modifying parameters of firmware, drone can be misused, therefore ensuring firmware security is most important aspect in drone. As a manufacturer when you handover a drone to buyer certainly, at some point of time, you need to update the firmware with enhancement for better performance, features, bug fixes and so on. As manufacturer, you always give optimized firmware suitable for one particular model to your drone buyers. As an enterprise manufacture, you certainly will not give any generic firmware along with your drones. 

So how do you empower your drone buyers to update firmware of their drones securely? Like in any generic firmware, drone engineers can put any firmware and can fly drones anywhere. However, as enterprise drone manufacturer you would not want to allow that. To offer better security for your drones, you will always want to ensure that your buyers upgrade firmware of their drones with right security in place. This process of upgrading firmware securely by any drone buyer is important.  When you manufacture lesser number of drones in year then you may manage sending your engineer to drone buyers and upgrade drone firmware securely. However, when you manufacture hundreds or thousands of drones per year, you certainly need better process of updating your drone firmware. You would always want to offer better way for your customers for updating their drone firmware released by you. 

To ensure, that your drone buyers update only permitted firmware on their drones with end-to-end security, you need to implement secure firmware update method. This method should involve following security checks.

  1. Authentication of your drone buyers first
  2. Validation of your drones unique ID. 
  3. Validation of digital signature of requesting drone. 
  4. Exchanging communication with SSL security 
  5. Validation of data and code checksum of new firmware 

When all these processes are followed, then your drone buyers can securely update their drone firmware and ensure better security of their drones. 

So, start ensuring your drone’s firmware security now.