AeroStream is SaaS platform for drone service operators, professional and individuals to deliver Drone Live Streaming to viewers.

AeroStream Introduction

AeroStream lets you stream your favourite videos captured using drone, whether you are a drone professional or a hobbyist. AeroStream equally helps you in creating, streaming, and viewing live drone videos captured using various types of drones (currently DJI and Px4/Ardupilot based). It is simple, secure dedicated platform for drone service operators, professional and individuals to offer live streaming videos to viewers with low latency.

Stream Viewer

AeroStream can be installed configured using few simple steps. If you are a viewer and want to view streams install AeroStream Application and sign-up freely.  Once your sign-up is completed, you are visible in mini-CRM from where drone professional can send you invite to become your ‘preferred professional pilot’. You can ask your drone professional to send you an invite. Once you receive drone professional invite, you can accept that. That will add your drone professional as preferred pilot in your list. Now, you can start sending streaming request to your favourite drone professional.

Drone Pilot

If you are a drone professional and want to stream videos from your favourite drone machine to your customers, co-workers or friends and family then signup to pro plan. You can download AeroStream Pilot app install it. Once you subscribe, login to your AeroStream Pilot application using your AeroMegh account credentials. You can send invite to your customers, co-workers, friends, and families. Once they receive your invite, they can start sending streaming request. You see all streaming request in your AeroStream Pilot application. You can go to field and chose streaming request and start flying drone for that streaming request. The streaming will be directly delivered to stream requestor automatically. 

AeroStream Platform Features


End to end less than 3 seconds video streaming latency.


End to end data security with authentication and SSL.


Easy to share video link with people using Social Media platform.

Multi Purpose

Entertainment to enterprise all can use AeroStream services.


AeroStream supports streaming to mobile, desktop browsers and smart Android TVs.


AeroStream supports unlimited viewers based on service plan.

Drone Types

Drone type like DJI, Pixhawk with HD video telemetry, 4G Telemetry are supported.

Secured Storage

Secured data storage for recorded videos accessible from anywhere.

How it Works?

Step 1

Subscribe To AeroStream

Go to AeroStream and register yourself. Once you register, you get a 15 days trial plan by default. Upgrade 15 days trial plan to Pro Plan to get your services activated. 

Step 2

Install AeroStream Pilot App

AeroStream offers you pilot application which helps to manage your flights and do live streaming. Download your AeroStream pilot application from Google Play Store, for DJI drones and login using AeroMegh platform credentials. Or if your drone is Pixhawk based, then download it from downloads and install it. AeroStream-Pilot app lets you view all stream requests sent by your customers, co-workers etc.

Step 3

Invite your Customer, Co-Worker or Friend & Family to view AeroStream.

Ask your customers or viewers to download and install their AeroStream application from Google Play Store.  Once they install AeroStream application, they can register themselves via AeroStream application.  As a pilot you need to invite your viewers, once they accept your invitation, they can start sending streaming request. As a pilot / professional you can focus on specific individuals.

Step 4

Receive Streaming Request

Your customers or viewers can now request you for streaming. As soon as they raise streaming request, it is received by you in your pilot application automatically with all flying location and time details. You can easily manage your streaming request from app and web interface. You can select a stream and start streaming in few taps.

Step 5

Deliver Streaming to your viewers

You can now start flying drone at the given location. As soon as flying is started, enable the streaming from pilot application. Once streaming is enabled, it is automatically delivered to requestor in his mobile, web browsers or even smart android TVs. Your customers can share the live video stream with others using a smart shareable link from user friendly AeroStream app. Other viewers do not need to install any app to view stream using shareable link, also once the stream is over same stream remains available to view as an offline video.

Why Should I Use It

Get Live
Collaborate and Discuss
Share With
Keep Data Public Or Private
Access Anywhere Anytime
Engage with More People
Get Recognition
Multiple Drone Type Supported.
Dedicated Mission Planning Tools
Video Viewing Analytics

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Our Happy Customers

We wanted to reach out to our customer across various geo-graphics with live videos of our farms. Thanks to AeroStream platform for helping to reach, engage for customers with Drone Live Streaming. The sharable URL of live video feature of AeroStream helped to reach to many people in just one click.
Indigenous Farms
We wanted to monitor the construction progress of our site. Thanks to the AeroStream platform. It was done so easily that we could see our construction progress from anywhere using our mobile. The streaming to a mobile device, desktop, and smart TV helps to get streaming to anywhere and have past records as well.
Royal Group

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