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Drone has become part of our lives. We see them everywhere, right from toy drones to military surveillance drones. There is hardly any application where drone is not used nowadays. It has made its place right from home to war zone, from construction sites to wedding receptions. What makes drone so special to use right from home to war zone? That is its capability to reach anywhere with camera. Therefore, drone gives us third eye and more importantly aerial eye. 

Primarily, drones are being used to capture high resolution images and videos. It can reach to anyplace easily and in just a few minutes cans capture videos. This capability of drone is being used in many applications. For example, in case of seaport, drones are used for inspection of gantry cranes which are up to 50 meters tall with massive structures. Now there are two ways to inspect with drones. 

  1. Pilot captures videos and shares offline videos with respective teams.
  2. Pilot captures videos and shares data via Live streaming to respective teams simultaneously. 

Is there a difference in both methods? Yes. Tremendous operational difference. 

In the first method, pilot will handover all videos to stakeholders, all will need to come together with a co-ordination plan for remote inspection. Then, they will inspect videos jointly. Once they analyse the data and study the shortcomings, some important area of inspection will be left for reworking/detailing. Such as emphasizing on certain part, zoom shots etc. Now, they would ask pilot to redo the whole exercise by visiting the spot and repeating the videography. The entire process will be repeated once again or may be multiple times as per need. This traditional method consumes lot of time and money to get effective results. 

In second method, when live streaming is drone by pilot, all stakeholders can come together virtually and see all the required details of crane simultaneously. They can ask for zoom shots, detailed filming and can also suggest camera angles of required location as per need. They can collaborate with each other, discuss and conclude most of the inspection in a collective manner virtually along with the pilot. The required changes can be done by the drone pilot right then and there thus avoiding rescheduling and reworking.  This method helps complete the task in one go, very efficiently and in a very cost effective manner.  Thus creating a win-win situation for all. Also all videos get uploaded on the cloud making it a secure system to revisit whenever they want. So, they get their job done quickly as well as for future, they have all records available. 

Considering all the parameters and convenience, benefits of drone live streaming will take us a long way. Which is exactly what we offer in simple and secure way, with AeroStream! 

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