Module - Sensors Used in Drone

Sophisticated drones with integration different sensors are discussed here.
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3.1 Introduction

PPT of Sensors Used in Drone 3.1 Introduction The multi-functionality of Drone is improving as sensor technology progresses, allowing for a larger range of uses. Platforms can be linked via cloud-based programs, and when combined with powerful post-processing software, a complete drone-data solution is possible. Because current drones are built for ease of use, it’s …

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3.2 Sensors Used in Drones

3.2 Sensors Used in Drones Different types of sensors are used in drones to provide the better efficiency and multi-functionality. It includes Accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, distance sensors, thermal, chemical sensors, GPS, Object detection sensors in flying a drone. Figure 3.1:Sensors used in Drone 3.2.1 Accelerometer Accelerometers are used to determine the position and orientation …

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3.3 Flight Controller

3.3 Flight Controller The flight controller, also referred to as the drone’s brain, is the most significant and crucial component. It is in charge of the ESCs and motors. It is an electronic board with transmitter pins, communication protocols, sensors, and CPUs. A flight controller has complete control over the drone. By adjusting the motor …

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3.4 Selection Criteria for Sensors Used in Drone Manufacturing

3.4 Selection Criteria for Sensors Used in Drone Manufacturing As there is a variety of sensors used in a drone, utmost care should be taken while selecting a specific sensor. Majorly any sensors can be selected based on the following criteria: Weight of the sensor should be as small as possible to maintain the designed …

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3.5 Sensor Calibration

3.5 Sensor Calibration Sensor calibration is an essential step to achieve the highest accuracy. All the same type of sensors should produce the same output for the same set of inputs. Calibration process allows the minor changes in the physical variations to produce the same output. Proper sensor calibration will yield accurate measurements, which successively, …

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3.6 Maintenance of Sensors

3.6 Maintenance of Sensors Routine or Preventive Maintenance has been the quality procedures to reserve assets operational for an extended time. Predictive Maintenance is popular nowadays. Maintenance is performed based on the estimated degradation of parts instead of a periodic maintenance. Predictive maintenance is widely familiar with detect problems in many sectors. Proactive Maintenance reduces expenses and avoids …

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