Module - Basics of Drones

Learn the drone basics, applications along with recent trends in this topic.
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PPT of Basics of Drones 1.1 Definition of Drone A drone, in technical terms, is defined as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Drones are flying machines that may be controlled either remotely or autonomously for flight plans using embedded systems in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS. It’s a flying …

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1.2 History

1.2 History Drones, which were originally designed for military use, have seen fast growth and advancements and have made their way into consumer gadgets. Their initial application was as weapons, within the sort of remotely guided aerial missile deployers. However, drones have found a large range of civilian applications, particularly within the sort of small …

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1.3 Applications

1.3 Applications Drones has numerous applications. Few of them are as follows: It is useful for agricultural applications for spraying pesticides, chemicals, etc. It is effectively used for aerial seeding over a wide area of land to minimize the human efforts. It is used for monitoring plant growth and analysis of crops. It is also …

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1.4 Category of Zones

1.4 Category of Zones The Drone Rules 2021 associated airspace maps classify Indian airspace into three zones as follows: “Red Zone” means the airspace of defined dimensions, above the land areas or water of India, or any installation or notified port limits specified by the Central Government beyond the body of water of India, within which …

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1.5 Classification

1.5 Classification There are two main types of drones in use today:Military Drones – these are UAVs primarily used for military actions such as surveillance and remote targeting. Personal Drones – these UAVs are used for commercial and recreational use, primary for aerial videography and photography, besides other such uses as drone racing. Drone Categories in IndiaAccording …

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