• L1 Security compliant
    software based

    NPNT solution.

  • Herelink HD
    compatible with

    Live Video

  • Specialized
    GCS software suite for


  • Full integration
    with Cloud
    application including

    BVLOS flights


AeroGCS Enterprise

AeroGCS subscription model offers you to get AeroGCS product on OPEX model so you do need to invest upfront. It is based on monthly licensing.

AeroGCS for OEM

AeroGCS OEM version is for large manufacturer with white labeling solution. This helps OEM to have their own brand name for AeroGCS.

AeroGCS Defence

AeroGCS Defence is a complete suite right from drone firmware to GCS Software with highest possible security of data and drone controls.

Unified Drone
Management System

AeroGCS is drone management and mission planning software supporting various autopilots like Ardupilot and PX4. AeroGCS is the simplest mission planning software which helps to plan drone flights in few seconds using wizard flow. It has been so simplified that any user can learn it in few hours only. Pilot who are the actual users of drone always want simplest UI to manage it. AeroGCS main capability is its seamless integration with cloud, its unified system. Right from user registration to drone fleet tracking can be done on cloud platform. The below diagram shows overall process and capabilities. The Unified solution offers right from secure firmware to cloud business logics integration.

Flight Types

  • Tap and your waypoint flight Plan is Ready


    Set your way points, define action on each way point, define camera position for each way point and defining hovering at each point and.
  • First in class to offer vertical flight planning.


    Set your height, define number of ways points for given vertical flight, define speed to travel and set action at each vertical flight plan.
  • Fully Automated Spraying Flight Planning


    Configure your spraying system, plan the mission and start completely automated spraying with few clicks only.
  • Simplified Survey Planning with Camera Template


    Choose your drone camera, define your survey plan and you are ready with rest of the thing in just one tap.

Why Should I use it?

Simplest GCS software

AeroGCS is the simplest GCS software to be used by pilots. Its wizard capabilities help pilot to save lot of time in planning a flight mission.

Cloud Integration

AeroGCS is seamlessly integrated with cloud application. Cloud integration empowers you to use many features like online tracking.

Automated Logbook

Automated log books of flight helps you to get all logs on cloud anywhere anytime. It helps to get local compliance and detailed analysis.

HD Video Telemetry

AeroGCS supports HD video telemetry like Herelink so that you can videos on your AeroGCS display.

Opex Model

AeroGCS is available on per device per month basis. You do not need to do any capital investment to get AeroGCS. Just sign-up and start using it.

Multi - Platform

AeroGCS is available in multiple platform version. It is available in desktop version, mobile version. No need to carry heavy laptops on field now. Plan everything using your mobile device.

Drone Inventory

AeroGCS Cloud stack supports drone inventory with including customer management. You can manage your drone model and their units manufactured and sold.

Live Image Stitching

While flying the drone and capturing images, now AeroGCS support Live image stitching and display in fly view grid itself. No need to wait now for backend processing.

Software Features

Project Management and
Wizard Flow

AeroGCS offers project management so that every flight plan is configured under project. As customer, you want to ensure your flights are properly categorized and tracked for which client, it was flying. Project have planned flights and completed flight, so you understand them clearly. AeroGCS offers wizard flow management for flight planning so that next screen is always available for the pilot to configure. He doesn’t have to thing before for even one second for next step to be done. Wizard simplifies overall operations, and any flight planning can be done in less than 2 minutes. Existing flights can be launched in less than 30 seconds.

Cloud Service Integration

AeroGCS has been seamlessly integrated with cloud. Various cloud-based features are integrated in AeroGCS. Like, the project synchronization service. All project, flight plans, flight plan logs are directly synched with cloud from AeroGCS. Similarly, a fleet of drone tracking can be done from cloud using tracking feature of AeroGCS. Similarly, all digital certificate rotation of firmware can be done using AeroGCS cloud integration.

Secure Upgrades with PKI infrastructure support

AeroGCS stack offers secure upgrade of firmware. You can sign your firmware with your own digital certificates. Only signed firmware can be uploaded to your drone to have better security of your drone. While uploading the firmware, it ensure that only right signed firmware is uploaded into drone to your security of your drones. AeroGCS stack offers PKI infrastructure support for management of your digital certificates and keys. You can manage keys for your drones and upload digital certificate keys to your firmware for it highest level of security from AeroGCS stack.

Historical Flight data

AeroGCS support historical flight data and gives summary information of historical data like total number of flying hours of each drone ID till date. Total projects, total warning and so on. This information with AI gives overall performance report of drone.

Live Tracking Of Fleet

Many business applications require live tracking of drone fleet from a central command center so that overall utilization of vehicles can be understood and require actions can be taken if needed. Even law enforcement agencies also require live tracking to understand the overall UAV traffic in airspace. Also, live tracking against the permitted virtual geo-border is also need of everyone so that we all can secure our airspace. AeroGCS offers this capability with the help of AeroMegh cloud platform. With a single click in AeroGCS, live tracking of your drone is enabled on AeroMegh cloud platform. All permitted users of AeroMegh platform can see actual flight movement on geo-map.

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