AeroDelivery offers end to end software solution right from secure firmware, edge client, mission planning, drone port management cloud-based fleet management, delivery analytics for drone delivery service providers or manufacturers.

AeroDelivery Introduction

AeroDelivery offers end to end software solution right from secure firmware, edge client, mission planning, drone port management cloud-based fleet management, delivery analytics for drone delivery service providers or manufacturers. AeroDelivery offers most secure solution for drone management. Drones are registered using digital certificates on cloud platform and every drone flight is authorized using digital certificate. Each communication between drone and cloud application is secure using encryption. Autopilot firmware is digitally signed firmware to offer best security to the drone. Secure firmware can only be updated using AeroDelivery cloud platform or ground control system called AeroGCS.
AeroDelivery offers edge client which makes drone to communicate with cloud application using 4G / 5G or another network. Edge client called AeroStack is a smart software stack on drone to manage all communication with cloud as well as with flight controller. It has got payload management system to manage the payload operations.
Smart path planning does auto flight path planning when it receives input as source and destination of delivery point from delivery business application through API interface. AeroDelivery manages all other operations till billing notification generated automatically. Delivery analytics like flight time detail, flight power consumption, estimated cost, performance logs and so on helps delivery business to get in-depth understanding of each delivery.

How it Works?

Smart Path Planning

AeroDelivery offers auto smart flight path planning for drone flight based on just source and destination information of package delivery points. It creates best possible safe and shortest path automatically. It also takes care of regulatory permission approval automatically. AeroDelivery is very well integrated with regulatory approval infrastructure and UTMs.

Fleet Management

AeroDelivery offers fleet management capabilities. Once flight path is generated, it is uploaded to drone using 4G network. Auto launch of flight is done either with API trigger or predefined schedule. Before launch, pre-flight checking is done ensuring complete safety. Once flight has started, live tracking of fleet of drones can be done in AeroDelivery dashboard or delivery business application. When drone reaches the destination, payload is delivered automatically with its payload management system and drone returns to its home location automatically post-delivery.

Delivery Analytics

Analytics for delivery business is most important part of overall service. AeroDelivery does complete delivery analysis. For example, it generates total flight time, total distance covered, total power consumed, planned data vs actual performance analytics, detailed logs, cost estimation per trip, flight performance reports and so on for every individual flight and drone. Aggregate of delivery analysis of all drones over the period of time is calculated automatically.

Flight Management and Operations

AeroDelivery offers most secure flight management system using PKI infrastructure as well as hardened secure autopilot firmware. Drones are registered using digital certificates based algorithms and their operations are authenticated using PKI infrastructure. Entire communication between drone, drone port and cloud infrastructure are secured with digital certificates. Entire solution stack right from secure firmware, ground mission planning software, edge client for drone, cloud application is offered by AeroDelivery platform. The drone port integration as well is also offered by AeroDelivery platform.

Why Should I Use It

Smart Path Planning

Smart flight path planning takes away all your hassles. AeroDelivery integration with delivery business application automates entire process.

Highest Security

PKI infrastructure offers highest security between drone and cloud application. Right from firmware update to flight planning.

Drone Port Integration

AeroDelivery offers capabilities to integrate with your own drone port* with the help of easy to integrate API interface.

Real Time Tracking

When flight is on the way to delivery, real time tracking of fleet of drones in AeroDelivery can be done at a central place.

Integrated software Stack

AeroDelivery offers integrated software stack as one stop solution. Secure firmware, edge client, drone port management, GCS and cloud application all are offered as part of solution.

Payload Integration

AeroStack i.e., edge client offers payload management capabilities. It can control payload release operations from cloud application or can also automate it. All this can be done with the help of API integration.

UTM Integration

AeroDelivery is very well integrated with popular UTMs and offers things like avoiding red zones, deconfliction etc as a part of path planning for flights.

Delivery Analytics.

Analytics of each delivery and summary of deliveries helps operators to understand in and outs of business.

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